The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
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The Regiment



An infantry regiment within the Army Reserve, the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada form part of the combat arms capability of 38 Canadian Brigade Group. Organized with a Battalion Headquarters (Command elements), a Rifle Company (A Coy) and a Headquarters Company (HQ Coy) comprised of the Pipes & Drums, Regimental Stores and the Regimental Museum, the Camerons fulfill both military and ceremonial functions at home and abroad. As an infantry regiment, the unit's main focus is provide trained infantry soldiers to meet the operational requirements of the Canadian Forces. Whether it is augmenting Regular Force units on overseas operations such as Afghanistan or fighting floods and forest fires at home, the Camerons provide a ready source of trained soldiers.


To train one Light Infantry Company (-) and elements of a Company Headquarters and A1 echelon, capable of deploying in support of operations domestically and internationally.