The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
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The Regiment

History and Tradition

To properly understand our traditions we must go back to their origins which lay with a Scottish Regiment raised during the Napoleonic Wars, the 79th Foot. Raised in 1793 by Sir Alan Cameron of Erracht, the Camerons of the British Army initially received the title “Cameronian Volunteers” due to a War Department error. The name was corrected to “Cameron Volunteers” in 1794 and then changed to “Cameron Highlanders” in 1795. In 1873 the Regiment was granted the title “Queen’s Own” - the only Regiment to receive such an honour throughout Queen Victoria’s long reign.

As the Regimental number 79 was currently vacant in the Canadian Army list, it was eagerly seized when plans were made to raise the new Regiment in Winnipeg. Shortly after the 79th Highlanders of Canada were gazetted, Douglas Colin Cameron became Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba. To honour the Lieutenant-Governor, and in keeping with the Regimental number 79, the Regiment adopted the name 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada.


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